Florence Broadhurst Blinds for Your Home (and WIN!)

Would you like Florence Broadhurst patterned blinds in your home? Or would you prefer to design your own pattern and have it printed and custom-made just for you? Whatever your fancy, you can have the most stylish windows going with one of the newer window treatment companies to make waves on the market,

When I first came across Blinds in Print I fell in love with the patterns they were offering. Sure, printed blinds are not new. But along with plain colours and textured blinds, Blinds in Print have partnerships with lots of big-name local and international designers (yep, including Florence Broadhurst) that means you can choose from a massive range of incredible designs, patterns and colours. No daggy prints here. You can make a room feel more fun or pretty or romantic or whatever you choose.

Mixing patterns in Little Nerd’s room!

It’s awesome because I think we’re really starting to become more bold with our interior design choices here in Australia. Where once we would have collectively shied away from pattern and colour and always chosen the ‘safe,’ plain, neutral option, I think now we’re starting to have a lot more fun with things like tiles, walls, wallpaper, paint and window treatments and going for things with more personality. I love it.

When asked if I would do an honest review of one of their blinds and their process, at first I REALLY wanted to take them up on their offer of drawing up my own pattern to have it turned into a blind. I would have normally been ALL over that (a Nala in Print blind sounds good to me! And you can also have a photo printed on a blind, but it was the thought of getting out my paints and paper and playing fabric designer that was very appealing to the old, long-lost art student in me).

Florence Broadhurst.

But when the time-sucking reality of a small baby, a three-year-old, a job and a needy dog kicked in, I accepted my current limitations and asked to see some free samples of the many patterns Blinds in Print have on file instead.

These arrived and were genuinely ALL lovely, and I fell in love hard with the Florence Broadhurst samples in particular. Do you know the work of Florence Broadhurst? I sound like I’m fangirling here but I think to know her work is to love it. One of the best creative brains our country has had (I think).

Florence Broadhurst was the famous Australian wallpaper and textile designer. Born on a rural Queensland farm in 1899, she had this incredible life – she had numerous talents including an amazing singing voice, and she worked in a vaudeville troop in the early 20s, using it to escape the bush and tour Asian and the rest of the world. She became a flapper and danced around the world, became a businesswoman in China, and ‘Madame Pellier’ in London (working as a couturier in London).

Broadhurst basically reinvented herself and her career (giving herself different names, too) numerous times throughout her life until, upon her return to Australia, single and nearly broke, she jumped into a new career as a wallpaper designer in her later years (when most people of her age were thinking about retirement).