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Modaokon is on We Love Perth!

Posted Wednesday, February 27, 2013 in: Nerd Life

Monday afternoon was pretty exciting for me, well as far as Monday afternoons go – Modaokon was featured on one of my favourite blogs, ! You can check out  and see a photo of me standing in a house that is 248 times nicer than my own pretending I live there.

I’ve been absolutely overwhelmed by the response this story got and I just wanted to say hi and thank you to all the new Modaokon visitors and people who took the time to write comments, send me lovely emails and start following Modaokon on , , and . It was so heartening to get such a nice show of support from my fellow Perthites and exciting to see how many people love our city’s gorgeous homes as much as I do.

So thanks so much  and mega thanks also to my gorgeous friend Kate Antonas who put together the story. As the regional development manager of the , which aims to develop and advocate creativity in WA. Kate is one of those insanely busy people who is always juggling a million balls at once so I really appreciated it that she took the time out to put this feature together. Maya x

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